Saturday, June 16, 2007


after a long long long time lepaking around doing nothing, it is now time for me to get all serious as i'm going to start working this coming monday.. cant seem to believe that i would start working so soon. not that im complaining or what so ever but i would become a normal human being, waking up at 7 in the morning, get ready to start my "lovely" day by going to work. not to forget the jam i would be facing every morning to get to work.

i was kinda surprised that i would be working at Colgate in section 13 PJ. what a coincidence that i would be back to the good old spot where i would be hanging out most of my time, just that this time it would be different, as in the time. instead of 10pm to 6am, now i would be in PJ working!!! goodness.. can i have my freedom back? :p

hope that i would enjoy my working life and things would be better than just f***ing around doing nothing.. it would be a change for once.

Monday, May 28, 2007


this one online text based game that is actually kinda interesting to play. do give it a try if you are bored at home or at work and you cannot play other games like DOTA, WARCRAFT, STARCRAFT or you are bored of solitaire, freecell, and other games that comes with Windows.

worth a shot.. thanks

this is also another game that after reading kenj's blog and I was bored so I decided to try if its nice. the game play is ok but the names, items and weapons are all funny because they have stupid names. HILARIOUS!!! I'm a Rosemary Diviner now if you wanna fight me >.< wat a name for a character... give this game a try as well.

Monday, May 14, 2007


this post is basically to promote the new shop in klang. it might be far but, hey, who would mind going a bit further for good food right? hehe :p

the shop is called Samcolucks Cafe located at No. 53-0 & 55-0, Jalan Batu Nilam 4, Bukit Tinggi 41200 Klang. those interested can always drop by to have a look and try the food and beverages here. (no free food sample though :D ) contact : 03-33247048

"Siew Loong Pau",

Spaghetti with Clams Garlic Sauce

Homemade Crispy Seafood Beancurd

Sizzling Chicken Chop

Coca-cola Chicken Wings

Deep Fried Potato Prawn

Curry Chicken with Flower Bun

Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak

Baked Cheese Rice with Fish Fillet

Saturday, May 5, 2007

near miss

was a stupid morning.. studied till 6 in the morning then took a nap before going for exam at 9. wanted to wake up at 7.30am and ended up waking up at fucking 8.50am, went berserk and try to stay calm. washed up then changed and rushed straight to sungai long from sunway and I managed to reach at 9.20am. fucking lucky as I was still able to enter the exam hall to sit for my fucking paper.. could not imagine if i woke up ten minutes later, then I think I fucked.

fuhh... never trust myself again next time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

day before a final exam

first of all there is no one to blame but my farking self for being lazy to study long long long time before the day before my paper.... wat the heck, I always do that :P last minute studying is good. haha. dont listen to me.

went to uni yesterday to collect my exam slip (something like spm) and saw that i was eligible to sit for all 4 papers that I took. best part of all? I got barred from sitting for any of those papers 2 weeks ago. went for an interview and got sounded from the head of department. "why should I let you sit for your exam?", "huh? answer me", "your attendance record very nice", "see la", "didn't attend a single lecture for this subject, this subject only attend 4 times for tutorial, why this one so hardworking? absent for only 3 times?" and lotz more crap. ehehe. pretty screwed up. nothing more to say as UTAR is boring. anyway, feel good to be able to sit for all 4 papers. but to study for all 4 arghhhh.

after uni went for a hair cut then went for a drink with a friend near section 14. decided to go over to 14 for awhile because it was after work time and would be so jam, so, yes, went to 14 for awhile and did not see that there are more to come after that. Played a few rounds of Dota with Rizal and Raj (magic friends but I do not play magic :D) then went to Taj for a drink. Yap called and asked wanna go pasar malam? said yes and waited for ashley to come over to taj.

went to pasar malam and as usual the parking was farked up. damn jam and cars parking like they fucking own the roads. stupid drivers. found a parking after rounds and rounds and rounds around ss2. went to pasar malam, jalan-jalan abit then went to the mamak nearby to meet up with Yap and Celine. talk cock sing song again. bla bla bla bla bla.. (psss.... dont forget that I have a paper to sit for tomorrow and what I'm doing now?) we all decided to wait for Jen ni to come and it took her ages to COME!!!!! haha. Jenni, I'm just fucking around so dont worry. I'm not angry :D waited and waited then Jenni still hasn't reply so we decided to ciao and when we are already reaching the car Jenni cakap sudah sampai. lol. went for another drinking session at Shall We Meet. talk and talk again and Jenni claims that when there is me, Yap and Ashley she can vomit blood. wth.. ahahha. so we ciao after that.

sent Yap and Celine home at Genting Klang. Went home straight and by the time I'm home, its already 1 am. 13 more hours to my paper and nothing has started. BRILLIANT BOON, BRILLIANT. keep it up :p

as I said, there were more to come. went I reached home I realised that I had to do my cousin's (Yao) homework @_@ had to do everything from the start. OMFG... long story and I'm lazy to type it out :) while doing the homework, was chatting with Pang as that idiot was also doing his assignment which he insisted that its not a last minute work. lol. by the time I finished off the homework it was already 5 am. my fucking gawd.. I should had just fuck the jam and drove home after I'm done with my tea time. then there might be time to study :D heck it. fuck the paper.

after finishing the homework went for a smoke then I was damn sleepy so I decided to sleep for awhile. once again the word AWHILE appeared. whenever I say this word, DO NOT trust me as my for awhile is like fucking long. hehe. woke up at 7am to study but damn!!! i slept off five minutes later. then woke up again at 8am and the same thing happened. the whole cycle went on and on until it was 11 when I finally decided that I do not want to fucking fail this paper so I woke up and wash my face then went on to study. study study study. around 1230 went and mandi then went to uni. reached uni at around 1.15pm then I revised abit in the car. went to the exam hall at 2pm. ahaha. if you had counted, I think you should know by now that I studied for like less than 3 hours for a paper that takes 14 weeks to teach :P

stepped inside the exam hall and first person that I saw was my tutor. sigh. he gave the "wtf is this guy doing here" kinda look and I didnt give a fuck about him and went on in front to sit down. wtf I have to sit in front? mutha fuckers all when it comes to lecturer giving tips all want to sit in front but when there is an exam all fucking sit behind. bunch of fuckers. then for the first ten minutes my tutor came to my desk and checked my exam slip for like ten million times because he cant seem to believe that I can actually sit for his paper when I had not attended any of his fucking lecture. so it went on for ten minutes. yep. ten fucking minutes. real cibai. then every now and then he would come standing in front of me which I didnt not give a fuck about as I was doing my paper. he looked at wat I wrote and see if I was actually able to answer his paper. real old jerk!!! because of him I did not leave the exam hall early as I do not want him to look at my answer paper :D by leaving early does not mean I didnt know how to do the paper but I finished everything, the compulsory questions and the selection questions, I did 2 out of 3 as told. since I do not want to go out, I lepak awhile and drew on my question paper. ehehehe. the paper was ok overall, not that hard as I was able to answer most of them. just the fucking sections sections all as this paper is like a law paper where statutory provision was to be provided to support the answers :( heck it!!! from wat I think, I should be able to fucking pass the paper unless the fucking tutor is marking my paper then I'm screwed. after the time is up and all the papers were collected we left the exam hall.

looked for Kenneth to take my notes and went for a drink at the mamak around sg long. lepak awhile then balik rumah tidur. woke up at around 10.30 pm then helped my aunt to shift some almari (fuck, forgot how to spell almari in english ehehhe) then now I'm here writing all this down.

thats all and I hope I would study tomorrow for my other 3 papers!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


i could not believed that i actually sat in front of the computer doing nothing for like 4 hours and now that i amso bored i decided to post about it.... OMFG!!!!

first i chat for like 2 or 3 hours with ken jay... haha... the shit we talked about when we do not have enough sleep... lol... talked lotz of shit and lotz more.. the ken jay tried to hook me up with his only year old sister... (yes, she is cute but ken jay is a bad bad bad brother).... after that, i actually taught ken jay how to cook a decent looking fried rice as his turned out to be a failure... hope that you would do it well this time and i hope that all my effort teaching you thru msn did not go down the drain like your rice... :p

then i look around and read other blogs from jenni, shoan and ken jay... will never forget how fascinated jenni was when she was watching the poor birds making out.... how ugly that was... ahhaha... :)

got bored of reading posts, i went to friendster and left a comment to my sister and cousin... fucking hell, that was how bored i was man.... then i browse around other friends and look at pictures...... once a while i check with a high hope that chelsea is losing 10-0 to west ham and it looks like i could only dream that chelsea is losing to west ham... (currently 60th minute, chelsea leading 3-1)

after friendster, i'm here posting a new entry on wat the fuck i did the past 4 and a half hours... practically nothing at all... how sad could that be.... just couldn't sleep i presume.. and yet tomorrow i have an interview to attend to..... thinking if i should go (ehehhee) wat the heck... go only... :D

i think i should be off to bed with the hope that when i wake up and check chelsea would had lost 5-3 to west ham.... GO HAMMERS!!! trust yourselves.... chelsea do not deserve to win... do your part to contribute to manu's hatrick trophies this season... make me proud.. :p

Thursday, April 12, 2007

tale of a guy

It was a lonely night in the hospital where there is no one there but her husband next to her bed accompanying her since the past few days. It was a hard time for her as she is ready to give birth to a new human being to this world. The baby was kind of stubborn as the lady was already in bed for one week yet the baby is now ready to face all the uncertainties in this world.

In the city of Kuala Lumpur... 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Merdeka!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!! (sound of fireworks in the background)

Suddenly the lady felt a sharp pain and shouted out that the baby wants to be out!!!!! The husband was shocked and awaken by his wife's painful shout, quickly got up and call for the doctor. Seconds later there was a doctor running towards the room accompanied by a few nurses. The lady was then ready to give birth to a beautiful human being to this world.

Preparations were done in order to welcome the new life to this world. "Push!! Push!!", "take a deep breath and PUSH!!!!", "1, 2, 3 PUSH!!!" was all that could be heard from the room as the doctor was trying to get the baby out.

On the other hand, the husband was already trying to call other relatives to tell them that his wife is giving birth.

Sharp at 0104 the baby was born and this time it was the sound of the baby that feels the atmosfere of the room, crying as he is trying to adjust to this new found world. The baby was handed to the mother and the father was so excited as he is now a father.

YEA!!!! that was how I came to this world.... It was the day where its been 28 years since Malaysia became independent. The day where I would have holiday during my birthday!! for sure!!! ehehe.....

Well, the first 3 years of my life there isn't much to say besides sleeping, drinking milk, crying, shitting, peeing, learning how to walk, how to talk and how to sit. Even though it is normal and plain as a normal baby, there was one thing that happened to me that is different from other babies... CHONG SIEW PANG!!!! the mutha fucka that I met since i was 2... (hehe chill ok bro)
Yea. First met Pang when i was 2 and since then we were play mates. Fighting would always be the main agenda in our play list somehow.. and of course, the elder one is always the bully, so, I would be the one that is always crying and complaining about how Pang bullied me and all, this and that, all the shit!

Then it was time to study. (why do this have to happen?) I was enrolled to a nursery home in ss2. Always there to create havoc and gave hell lotz of trouble to the teachers there. At least it is not as bad as compared to Pang :)

Then it was primary school. Nothing much... Just that whenever I see this senior of mine that has this long pony-tail, always wonder how he can keep that when he is a guy. (yea, a guy and you know who you are.. haha) Life was dull in primary school as I was a good kid..

BUKIT BINTANG BOY SCHOOL..... the school that I would forget in my life. Once again, sad to say, I am in the same school as Pang. (why!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!) hahaha. but Pang and his friends are the ones to thanks for "taking care" of me from the gangsters that are so "big time" is school... BBBS was a school that has nothing much but DICKS!!!! fuck that shit man!!! why did I went to that school.. haha.. no regrets.. Met lotz of good friends there... most of them would be those reading this post :) First year of school was nothing much... Study study study... that's it... was not that corrupted yet because I have not met bitches and fuckers like CHIA WEI, CHIA WEI AND CHIA WEI. (there is only one Chia Wei that i met but name appeared 3 times because he is a fucker)

The second year in BB was where the ponteng class activity started to come :D it is always out of class rather than in class. ehehe..... whenever there is an opprtunity to leave class there is always me there...... and these opprtunities comes often as Ganesh and Chris being the monitor and assistant... PJK is the only thing to look forward to every week. And if lucky enough, there would be classes where teachers aren't.. APA LAGI!! PJK LA... ahahah

Form 3 was better, the year where BB invented the BANANAs... lol. the prefects had to wear yellow shirts and white pants. real bananas.. :p scouts was the thing that kept me busy all the time as there were many activities.. Life would be shit without scouts as there would not be a chance to meet those mofos that i know now..... there was also Leo Club and Interact where we would always argue who is cooler and trying to outdo each other but when it comes to scouts, everyone is on the same side... boys, thats wat they call us.. but there are a few things that would not be forgotten that happened... one is interpatrol that we organized... that was fun, able to bully those juniors... hehe.. then it was during interpatrol that I found out I got first in class :D ahahha... first time sial... "wtF?!?!?!?!??!" was my response when I found out.. Then the one last thing that damned us all till today!!!! CYBER CAFE!!!!!! it was the year we all started to play counter-strike.... fucked up our lifes!!! pretty much of not our entire life

then its the honeymoon year!!!! form 4... year of haven... was monitor and you can imagine the kind of shit that happened in the class.... ahahhha..... one of the best year in school life.. there were campfire, Leo and Interact installation, joint IU, warcraftIII (lol) and loadz of shit.... everyone would be busy when there is something on..... cant be help.... either head prefect, assistant head prefect, monitors, assistants, club presidents, vice presidents, directors for Leo and Interact club, troop leader, senior patrol leaders, senior assistants and other posts that i forgot... they are all from the same bunch of people... THE GANG...... not to mention the prefects in both 4B and 4C.. if there is something that requires them all, 4B and 4C is left with 1/4 of students left. Even nerds in the class would be out as they are presidents of some clubs like chess club and all :D no offense... practically it was havoc....

THE FINAL YEAR IN SCHOOL!!!! more havoc to come!!!! the year where most of us ponteng like no one's business....... :D the class is full when school starts but when recess comes, no more than half the students would be in class anymore after recess as many of us would be in the cyber cafe busy playing Red Alert 2 la, Warcraft 3 la, Counter Strike la... JAnji we are all in the cyber cafe..... all bunch of fuckers... and they all blame me for them skipping classes.... fuckers..... there are days where we would be going to school just to wait to skip classes... going to Chris's house to lepak or hang around 14 playing computer games..... =.= that was life!!! ahhaha..... the best was going to school one day then 15 of us skipped class to go makan tim sum just because it was Benjamin's birthday.... lol.... then visit Rahul in the hospital.... that was only another reason to skip school... all went to school then decided to go to SJMC. left school at 7.18am only to reach SJMC at 12. why? because we all went for breakfast and "drop by" the cyber cafe before going to SJMC... lol

Life was fun in BBBS and it was all good memories when it comes realise it.. Its one thing to miss and if only we could turn back time...... :(

thats all now for this post.... this is actually crap because i cant think of a story line for the story i promised but come back next week... promise there would the start of the STORY for sure!!! thanks for supporting this blog of mine....